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    The Shomron Liaison Office is the only body which provides guided tours of the Jewish communities in the Shomron/Samaria region for *journalists*, *politicians*, *educators* and *the general public*. We firmly believe that the only way to raise awareness of the true facts on the ground is to bring people to see things for themselves. The Shomron has so much to offer: incredible natural beauty, warm hospitality and a rich heritage of historical and religious sites. Of course, the most important element of our tours is the emphasis on the 3,500 year-old Jewish history of this area, which underlines the long-standing connection of our people to the Shomron/Samaria, the heart of the Jewish homeland.

    Information Tours for Foreign VIPs

    The Shomron Liaison Office maintains close contacts with many journalists, politicians and public figures, including senior reporters from many of the world’s newspapers; foreign diplomats and leaders of Zionist and other Jewish and Christian organizations. Many of these important opinion-formers and policy-makers have already been to see the Shomron for themselves and have, without exception, been influenced positively simply by seeing and experiencing the realities first-hand.


    Educators, Students and the General Public

    The Jewish communities of the Shomron welcome groups from across the globe, from all different ethnic, religious and national backgrounds, to tour our communities and to experience the beating heart of the Jewish homeland for themselves. The Shomron boasts a truly unique treasure-trove of fascinating archaeology and other sites of religious and historical interest, areas of stunning natural beauty, plenty of warm hospitality and, of course, topics of political interest.


    A Window into the Shomron/Samaria

    From the Shomron’s western communities, visitors have a view across Israel’s coastal plane, where half of the country’s Jewish population resides, giving them a powerful sense of just how vulnerable the State of Israel would be in the event of a Palestinian takeover such as that which occurred after the expulsion of Jews from Gaza in 2005. The hills of the Shomron look down upon a number of major Israeli cities and other population centres such as Tel Aviv, Kfar Saba and Netanya , as well as providing a clear view of Ben Gurion International Airport. Apart from underlining the Jewish connection to the Land of Israel, our tours clearly illustrate the strategic importance of our communities to Israel’s security.



    A tour of Israel’s largest industrial park, Barkan, located in the heart of the Shomron, reveals the powerful contribution of our communities to the Israeli economy. Contrary to the wildly inaccurate picture of our communities often portrayed in the media, Jewish and Arab workers in Barkan work side-by-side in a friendly, healthy environment. All workers, regardless of background, receive the same working conditions including pay, employment hours and benefits – conditions far better than anything available under the violent and corrupt Palestinian Authority.


    The Beating Heart of Israel

    The flourishing Ariel University, where Jewish and Arab students study together in a friendly environment, without any hostility; a thriving local economy; the beauty of the organic farms and boutique wineries forged out of formerly deserted and barren hilltops, framed by both religious and secular communities; the diverse ethnic makeup of our communities – all of these factors and much more are what make the Shomron region the beating heart of the State and Land of Israel.

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    1. Elizabeth
      August 14, 2012 at 3:45 am

      I am interested in visiting the Shomron While in Israel this coming October. Could you give me some estimates for the cost of a tour?
      Toda raba! Shalom, Elizabeth

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