• Alei Zahav

    135 families

    Tel. 03-9322277
    Fax 03-9325713
    Mailing address: Alei Zahav, D.N. Modi’in, 71949
    e-mail: alizahav@zahav.net.il

    Community activists:
    Community rabbi: Rabbi Menashe Issaschar
    Head of Secretariat: Golan Mazon
    Assembly member: Aki Yudale
    Secretary: Benno Sharon
    Military Security Coordinator: Dudi Ashkenazi
    Librarians: Yitzchak Almorak, Orit Ashkenazi
    Spokesperson: Yehuda Ben Yehuda
    Youth Coordinator: Hali Ozen
    Community Emergency Team Chairperson: Avner Mula
    Mikve attendant: Hila Ben Shlomo

    About Alei Zahav:
    Secular communal settlement. Settlement movement: Herut-Beitar Enterprises. The settlement was established in 1983 in western Samaria. It currently numbers 135 families and is planned for 300 families. The homes are single-family permanent dwellings.

    Geographic Description:
    Terrain is hilly, with a rocky ridge and humid, moderate climate. The location of the settlement is south of the Trans-Samaria highway (Road #5), in the Bruchin-Alei Zahav-Peduel settlement bloc, about 6 km. south of Barkan and about 7 km. north of Beit Arye.

    East of the settlement is the village of Kfar Idich (village of the rooster), which is the name of the large Arab clan living there. To the west is the village of Di-Balut.

    Arrival at the settlement is via the Trans-Samaria Highway, Peduel interchange (Road #5) – south on Road 446 towards Road 444, Koach Junction (at the town of Elad), via Beit Arye.

    Alei Zahav’s story:
    Alei Zahav – named after Aliza Begin z”l, the wife of Menachem Begin z”l. The former name of the settlement – Yuazar.

    In the riverbed area sits “Hirbat Benat-Bar”, identified as “Hatzrida”, the city of Yerovam Ben Navat, one of the kings of Israel, as well as “Hirbat Balata” – the later “Hatzrida”, the city of Yossi Ben Yuazar, resident of Tzrida. The name “Yuazar” is a special name for the priests during the period of the Second Temple, and Yossi Ben Yuazar was also the “Righteous of the priesthood” (Chagiga 82:47). This is how the settlement received its previous name of “Yuazar”.

    The settlement was established in 1983 by a group of families from Gush Dan. The main consideration for the settlement’s location was to settle an area empty of Jewish settlements in southwestern Samaria, in relative proximity to Gush Dan, a realization of exercising control over lands owned by the State.

    Near Alei Zahav is the village of “Dir Sim’a’an” – a farm from the Byzantine period, where many agricultural devices hewn from stone are preserved.

    Educational Institutions:
    Kindergarten, boarding school.

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