• Barkan

    Barkan, a secular communal settlement in southern Samaria, is on the Trans-Samaria Highway (Road #5). Settled by members of Herut and Beitar.

    The community’s former name was “Beit Abba”, after Abba Achimeir – one of the heads of the Fighters for the Freedom of Israel (“Lechi”).

    The community is located in southern Samaria, about 10 kms. east of Elkana, near the Trans-Samaria highway. East of the community lies the city of Ariel, the community is accessible from the Trans-Samaria highway, from the Barkan interchange, via the Barkan industrial park.

    Topography of the area consists of a mountain ridge with steep western and southern slopes, with a comfortable and temperate climate. Nice view westward, all the way to the seashore.

    The initiative to found a settlement at the site began in 1977 with a group of immigrants from the Soviet Union who sought to establish a model settlement for immigrants, an idea which was not realized. The community was founded in June 1981 on its permanent site with temporary buildings, for the purpose of reinforcing the chain of settlements along the trans-Samaria route, preservation of demographic continuity in an unsettled region and putting State land to good use.

    The community numbers 463 families and is planned for 500 families in the future. The character of the settlement is communal-secular. In the community there are currently two neighborhoods of permanent structures constructed as per the “Build your own home” program, as well as a swimming pool. It is located next to the Samaria Regional Council industrial park, “Park Barkan”, one of the largest in the country.

    The name “Barkan” is taken from the “Chirbat Burak” site east of the settlement, containing the remnants of an Israeli settlement from the First and Second Temple settlement periods. North of it lies the “Kiryat Bnei-Chasan” village – which is “Kfar Arus”, the ruins of a Jewish settlement from the time of Herod and containing
    he grave of Herod’s “Finance Minister”. Southward lies “Chirbat Karkush” – a large Byzantine site near a large cemetery – hewn during the Second Temple period.

    Contact Info

    Tel. 03-9366915
    Fax 03-9367419
    Mailing address: Barkan, D.N. Ephraim, 44820
    e-mail: barkan_kehila@bezeqint.net (Secretary)
    barkan_ishuv@bezeqint.net (Community Coordinator)

    Community activists
    Community rabbi: Rabbi Uriel Genzel
    Chairman of Secretariat: Yossi Bachar
    Assembly member: Meir Barshan
    Secretary: Doron Leshem
    Military Security Coordinator: Alex Grossman
    Community Coordinator: Natalie Hershkowitz
    Absorption Coordinator: Shosh Ram
    Librarian: Natalie Hershkowitz
    Youth Coordinator: Rotem Shertzky
    Community Emergency Team Chairman: Noga Friedman
    Spokesperson: Ruti Or
    Mikve attendant: Miriam Gabrielov

    Educational Institutions
    Boarding school
    ”Tzabar” kindergarten
    “Ganigan Barkan” kindergarten
    Club/after school program for kindergarten

    Shomron Towns Barkan Har Bracha Hinanit Itamar
    Avnei Chefetz Bruchin Elon Moreh Ganim Homesh
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