• Elmatan

    Elmatan is located on the slopes of a hill that touches the Wadi Kana nature reserve, the inheritance of the Aviezer family from the tribe of Menashe. The name “Elmatan” appears on some of the ruins of Samaria as one of the names of settlements in the region during the time of the Second Temple. In July 2000 the neighborhood of Elmatan was founded as an autonomous neighborhood, where the residents lead a religious lifestyle in a rural setting, which allows for the development of agricultural aides and high-quality homes, compatible with nature and its preservation.

    Elmatan was founded by a young and dynamic group who set up a community lifestyle and varied social activities. We currently number 12 families and 4 singles. The management of the outpost is by an internal council, with essential decisions made by meetings of the group.

    A neighborhood that touches the Nachal Kana nature reserve.
    Absorbing families and singles.
    If you are interested in community living and settlement, for details contact:

    Tomer/Sagit 054-6620182/1
    Ruth 054-7300297

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