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    Shechem was the first meeting point of the nation and their forefathers with their land. The patriarch Abraham, commanded by G-d to come to the Land, went “to the place of Shechem, to Elon Moreh”, where he merited G-d’s promise: “Unto your seed I will give this Land”. In the wake of this promise, Abraham built an altar to honor the promise. The patriarch Jacob, returning to the Land of his forefathers after his exile with Lavan, comes to Shechem: “Jacob came to Shalem, a city of Shechem”, and here he purchased part of a field in Mea Kasita. Shechem served as the capital of the Kingdom of Israel, a sister city of Jerusalem, the capital of the Kingdom of Judea. In Shechem the bones of Joseph are buried, after Moses had taken them with him from Egypt.

    In addition to the historic value of the site, it also has strategic value from a security viewpoint: It sits on the axis of the mountain ridge’s main road in the western part of the Land of Israel. From the naked eye one can see westward towards most of the dense coastal strip of the State of Israel, and eastward towards the Jordan Valley.

    In the early ‘70’s, before the Yom Kippur War, an Elon Moreh-Shechem settlement nucleus was formed, whose purpose was to establish a Jewish community in the heart of Samaria, as close as possible to Shechem, to exercise our natural rights over this part of the Land. After many struggles and eight attempts to go there, on Tu B’Shvat 1980 the group received a government permit and arrived at the permanent site on the Kabir mountain range. Elon Moreh is the largest of the mountain ridge settlements. The character of the community is communal-religious, but open to all different populations.

    Students in Elon Moreh school in video confernce with peers in New York

    About Elon Moreh

    Geography: The city of Shechem is located in the very heart of the Land of Israel, on a major crossroads between Derech HaAvot, on the mountain ridge from Hebron and Jerusalem to the Galilee, and the highways from the coastal plain, to the center of the country – the mountain ridge area – and from there towards the Jordan River in the east.

    The community of Elon Moreh is located today on the southern slopes of the Kabir mountain range, about 5 kilometers east of Shechem, overlooking Tel Balata – the Shechem of the Bible. The peak of this mountain range towers to a height of 792 meters above sea level. The nearest peak of the Kabir mountain reaches 767 meters and the community is located 650 meters up this peak, with an amazingly beautiful view.

    The view from the community: The outskirts of the mountain range north of it, Wadi Phara, which attracts water all year, where the main road from Shechem – Jordan Valley reaches to the Adam Bridge. This is the biblical “Way of the Sun”, through which Israel traveled when they entered the Land under Joshua’s leadership to build an altar on Mt. Eibal. North of the Wadi is the Mt. Tamon range, and east of it – the Jordan Valley and the Gilad mountains. From the west we can see the community and Mts. Eibal and Gerizim, where the curses and the blessings took place, and within the city of Shechem, the tomb of Joseph. From south of the community, the Sucar (Ascar) and Beit Dagan valleys (the Arab village Beit Dajan), where another road to the valley will be paved, as well as Michmetet Valley, which intersects with the main Shechem-Ramallah-Jerusalem road. Besides the spectacular scenery, Elon Moreh is blessed with nice weather, like the air of Jerusalem.

    Recently a road bypassing Shechem from the south was paved, serving as a connecting road between the mountain ridge communities and the Kedumim-Kfar Saba highway. This road is named the Gilad road, after Gilad Zar HY”D, the head of security for the Samarian Regional Council who was murdered in the summer of 2001.

    Contact info

    Tel. 02-9973433
    Fax 02-9974306
    Mailing address: Elon Moreh D.N. Lev HaShomron, 44833
    e-mail: emmisrad@gmail.com

    Community activists
    Community rabbi: Rabbi Elyakim Levanon
    Chairman of Secretariat: Yair Lesser
    Assembly member: Rabbi Yossi Porat
    Secretary: Yitzchak Sa’adia
    Military Security Coordinator: Shai Suissa
    Community Coordinator: Shira Samchi
    Absorption Coordinator: Tzurit Parshan
    Culture Coordinator: Batia Mesika
    Librarian: Michal Malichi
    Spokesperson: Benny Katzover
    Youth Coordinator: Ayelet Kallengel
    Community Emergency Team Chairman: Amichai Remed
    Mikve attendant: Rachel Attias

    Educational institutions
    Day school, 4 kindergartens, “Nachalat Tzvi” Talmud Torah for boys, and a separate school by the same name for girls.

    Additional institutions
    Senior citizens center
    “The Vineyard” – complimentary medicine for women
    “A Portion of the Field” – Study tour center
    “Ariel” – one for boys, one for girls.
    “Birkat Yosef: Pre-military secondary yeshiva
    “Tirza” Seminary for women

    Absorption Coordinator: Tzurit Parshan – tel. 0524239855
    Three-room rental apartments available – construction project in the near future.

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