• Etz Efraim

    253 families

    Tel. 03-9362445
    Fax 03-9362066
    Mailing address: Etz Efraim, D.N. Ephraim, 44816
    e-mail: etzefr@barak.net.il

    Community activists:
    Community rabbi: Rabbi Menashe Issaschar
    Head of Secretariat: Doron Schmidt
    Assembly member: Meno Tzarfati
    Secretary: Moshe Bassa
    Military Security Coordinator: Yitzchak Hatuil
    Librarian: Zahava Kashi
    Youth Coordinators: Chai Greenbaum, Netanel Mendelson
    Community Emergency Team Chairperson: Ezra Tzaig
    Mikve attendants: Mira Shoshan, Daphna Peretz

    About Etz Efraim:
    Mixed urban settlement in western Samaria. Founding movement: Private initiative (“Judea/Samaria Neighborhoods” company). The community was founded in 1985, and contains permanent single-family homes. The settlement currently numbers 253 families and is planned for 800 families.

    Geographic description:
    The community in western Samaria is located on the hinge of the old Trans-Samaria road, at the “Sha’ar HaShomron-Mascha interchange (Road #505). Topographical conditions – Steep slopes descending to tributaries of Nachal Kana and nearby channels. Climate is temperate and comfortable.

    Etz Ephraim’s story:
    The name “Etz Ephraim” symbolizes the location of the inheritance of the tribe of Ephraim. The settlement was inhabited in 1984 by a small number of families who built their homes on lots bought from the private entrepreneur.

    The reason for the settlement’s location is land purchases in this area of western Samaria.

    North of the settlement lies the Nachal Kana riverbed, which was the border between the inheritances of the tribes of Menashe and Ephraim.

    Around the community lie the remains of ancient farming utensils, among them “retainers” (guard towers used for storage and protecting vineyard grapes), which were commonplace in the region in ancient times.

    Educational institutions:
    “Haruv” and “Brosh” kindergartens.

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