• Ganim

    Founded 1983
    Demolished summer of 2005

    About Ganim:
    Secular communal settlement.
    Settlement movement: National Workers.
    The community’s foundations were laid in 1983.

    The community was located on the Jezreel-Ganim junction highway. Topography of the region consists of forested hills of pine groves and a Mediterranean-type grove. Dry, moderate climate.

    Ganim’s story:
    The source of the community’s name, as Jenin’s name – is “Ein Ganim”, part of the inheritance of the tribe of Issaschar. The region, it is thought, is the birthplace of Beni ben-Ginat – Imri’s competitor for the monarchy in Israel.

    The settlement was founded in 1983 by a nucleus of families from northern Israel for the purpose of building a string of settlements in northeastern Samaria and to put State lands to good use. The community faces north to the Rahav valley, a southeastern extension of the Jezreel valley. South of the community is a nature preserve and antiquities from the Um Tut village.

    Shomron Towns Barkan Har Bracha Hinanit Itamar
    Avnei Chefetz Bruchin Elon Moreh Ganim Homesh


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