• Har Bracha

    Religious communal settlement. Founding movement: Amana. The settlement currently numbers 257 families and is planned in the future for 800 families. Types of housing – Single family permanent homes. The settlement is located on the highway from Tapuach junction (the Ganim road) via the Machane Horon interchange (Road 57) to Har Bracha, or from Kedumim via the “Gilad Highway”. Topography: Flat ridge with very steep eastern slopes. Climate is cool and dry. North of the settlement is the Samaritan community, and the mountain peak contains their holy sites.

    Har Bracha’s story

    The source of the community’s name is from the verse, “and you shall give the blessing from Mt. Gerizim and the curse from Mt. Eibal…” (Deut. 11:29). The settlement is called “Har Bracha” by the Samaritans. On the site was a Nachal outpost, turned into a civilian settlement on the 35th Independence Day of the State of Israel in 1983 by a nucleus of families who merged from the older settlements in Samaria, for the purpose of settling the Shechem area and to populate the land reserves not utilized by the State.

    To the west – a view of the western slopes of the mountain range and of the Aviezer family outpost – of the family of Gideon – Yerub’al, of the tribe of Menashe. To the east, a view of the settlements of the tribe of Ephraim and of “Pelech Ha’akravim” (Scorpion Province) from the Second Temple period. The settlement itself is located on the peak called “Arek a-Nimer” – the Nimer cliff, identified as a small Samaritan city – Tirat Na’ara, which during the Byzantine era had a Samaritan synagog and a mixed population of Jews and Samaritans.

    General services provided by the settlement:
    Market, open 5 days per week. Clinics (Maccabi and Leumit), including a well-baby clinic, public transportation and library, providing computer and internet service to adults.


    The community has a daily men’s evening kollel, as well as Shabbat classes and Daf Yomi. These classes are a cultural center and a source of get-togethers among the residents.
    For women – A wide variety of clubs and evening get-togethers.

    Many construction projects have gotten underway in the community. There are still some apartments available.

    Contact Info

    Tel. 02-9974045
    Fax 02-9973222
    Mailing address: Har Bracha, D.N. Lev HaShomron, 44835
    e-mail: 9974045@gmail.com

    Community activists
    Community rabbi: Rabbi Eliezer Melamed
    Chairman of Secretariat: Yoni HaIsraeli
    Assembly member: Rabbi Yonadav Zar
    Secretary: Israel Sa’adia
    Military Security Coordinator: Tzefania Hadad
    Community Coordinator: Emuna Halfon
    Librarian: Michal Luger
    Absorption Coordinator: Rabbi Yizhar Ashur
    Youth Coordinator: Bini Rosenberg
    Community Emergency Team Chairman: Leah Ziv
    Mikve attendant: Ruti Meshumar

    Educational institutions:

    Boarding school
    5 kindergartens

    Shomron Towns Barkan Har Bracha Hinanit Itamar
    Avnei Chefetz Bruchin Elon Moreh Ganim Homesh
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