• Hinanit

    Rural communal secular settlement. Founding movement: Moshavim. Types of residences: Single family permanent dwellings. There are approximately 120 families currently living in Hinanit.

    Geographic location:
    Located in the Richam block of northern Samaria, about 3 km. south of Mei-Ami, 30 km. from Afula and Hadera. The settlement can be reached from the Ara junction (Road #65), south via Katzir (Road #596) about 12 km. The area is a mountain range about 400 m. above sea level. Climate is cool and dry.

    Hinanit’s story:

    The source of the name is symbolic – based on the name of a familiar flower in English – the daisy. The settlement was founded in January 1981 by a nucleus of immigrant families from the Caucasian mountains, as a working-class community. The main consideration for founding the community in northwestern Samaria was to set up a demographic buffer zone between northern Samaria (in the Ya’abad area) and the Wadi Ara region. The community’s character was converted into a secular communal village because of the difficulties the residents of Hinanit had in making a living from agriculture, as well as the need to find sources of income outside the community.

    At this location, according to publicity, was an ancient settlement by the name of “Beit A’ania”, mentioned by Eusabius in the fourth century: “And the village of Beit A’ania, far from Caesaria, 15 miles eastward, on the mountain, and it is said that there are medicinal baths there.” About 4 km. west of the community are the forest groves of Um-Richan, an agricultural village serving as a center for farmland in the region, and currently the Um-Richan nature reserve.

    Contact Info

    Tel. 04-6350171
    Fax 04-6350172
    Mailing address: Hinanit, D.N. Menashe, 37867
    e-mail: hinanit1@netvision.net.il

    Community activists
    Chairman of Secretariat: Chanan Niv
    Secretaries: Rami Mansour, Sigal Bambiev
    Military Security Coordinator: Ronen Niv
    Community Coordinator: Shoshana Mordechayev
    Spokesperson: Chanan Niv
    Youth Coordinator: Shoshana Mordechayev
    Newsletter Editor: Silvie Gal

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    Avnei Chefetz Bruchin Elon Moreh Ganim Homesh
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