• Homesh

    Founded 1980
    Demolished summer of 2005

    About Homesh:

    Secular communal settlement. Founding movement: National Workers.

    Homesh’s story:

    Homesh is located on a hill above the village of “Pendekumia” – the name is a perversion of the words “Penta Kumia” from the Greek language, meaning: Five villages. This name, not mentioned in the sources, was discovered on a mosaic of an ancient synagogue in the Beit She’an valley, as part of a list of towns in the territory of Sebastia. There was apparently an independent municipal organization of five villages here during the Roman era. From this comes the name “Homesh”.

    The beginnings of the settlement were as a Nachal outpost, “Ma’ale Nachal, built there in 1978 and turned into a civilian settlement in November 1988. The main goal in choosing the location of the community in the center of northern Samaria was the security factor of control of the Shechem-Jenin road, in a sparsely populated region.

    Located on the highway north of Kedumim, via Shavei Shomron (Road #60), in northwest Samaria. Organized as part of a block of settlements in northern Samaria, north of Shavei Shomron. On the Shechem-Jenin road, about 45 km. from Netanya. The community is located in a steep mountainous area, about 650 meters above sea level, on the northern Samarian mountains. Weather is cool and dry. The settlement is higher than its surroundings, and there is a nice view from it towards northern Samaria and the Galilee, Mt. Hermon, and the coastline to Ashdod.

    South of the settlement lies the large Arab village “Burka”. East of the community, on the way up the mountain, are the remnants of the antiquities of Chirbat Koboba and the site of Sheikh Yazid.

    Shomron Towns Barkan Har Bracha Hinanit Itamar
    Avnei Chefetz Bruchin Elon Moreh Ganim Homesh
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