• Itamar

    Religious agricultural communal settlement. Settlement movement: Amana
    The community numbers close to 175 families and is planned for 1500 families.

    Itamar’s story

    The origin of the name “Itamar”, from the Bible, is Itamar ben Aharon Hacohen, whose tomb, according to tradition, is located in a nearby village – Awarta. The first name of the settlement was Tel-Chaim, named after Chaim Landau, one of the commanders of the Irgun Tzvi Leumi and a former Transport Minister. Also reminiscent of the “Chaya” ruins, from the Second Temple period, located within the settlement. The town was founded in 1984 by a group of families from “Machon Meir” in Jerusalem whose purpose was to build a religious communal settlement. What was taken into account in the settlement’s location is the need to settle the eastern region of central Samaria and to locate large areas owned by the State. The settlement’s character is religious-communal-agricultural, excelling in organic farming and Jewish labor.

    Tel. 02-9975667
    Fax 02-9975333
    Mailing address: Itamar, D.N. Lev HaShomron, 44834
    e-mail: yitamar@zahav.net.il
    Community activists
    Community rabbi: Rabbi Natan Chai
    Chairman of Secretariat: Moshe Goldshmidt
    Assembly member: Nitzan Yamin
    Secretary: Chaim Weiss
    Military Security Coordinator: Matanya Ben Shitrit
    Community Coordinator: Shira Ben Pinchas
    Spokesperson: Moshe Goldshmidt
    Librarian: Aliza Idan
    Youth Coordinators: Tzipi Shmueli, Gil Choter
    Community Emergency Team Chairman: Uziel Damari
    Mikve attendant: Ronit Ronski

    Location: On the mountain ridge (eastern Samaria)

    Geographic description

    The town is about five kilometers southeast of Shechem. The area is hilly with relatively moderate slopes. Climate is temperate and comfortable. The settlement is spread out over thousands of dunams, on the outskirts of the Jordan Valley. In addition to the community’s neighborhoods, there are also agricultural plots.

    Educational institutions

    Boarding school, 2 kindergartens, “Itamar” Talmud Torah for boys, “Miriam” Talmud Torah for girls, “Chitzim” Yeshiva secondary school, advanced yeshiva.

    Shomron Towns Barkan Har Bracha Hinanit Itamar
    Avnei Chefetz Bruchin Elon Moreh Ganim Homesh
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