• Kadim

    Founded 1981
    Demolished summer of 2005

    About Kadim:
    Secular communal settlement. Settlement movement: National Workers. Established in 1984. Kadim was located in northern Samaria, Road #60, at the Jezreel-Ganim junctions.

    Geographical description:
    Kadim was located in northern Samaria, east of Jenin and near the settlement of Ganim. The area consists of low, forested hills, climate is cool and dry.

    Kadim’s story:
    The origin of the settlement’s name is symbolic. It is reminiscent of the Arab village of Beit Kad, in the valley north of the settlement. A Nachal outpost on the site was turned into a civilian town in 1983 by a nucleus of families who had previously temporarily settled in Sanur, for the purpose of establishing a communal secular settlement to join the bloc of settlements in northern Samaria, close to the Gilboa mountain range. The town was located inside of a large pine forest, in such a way that construction would fit into the forest surroundings with a minimum of destruction.

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