• Kiryat Netafim

    143 families

    Tel. 03-9366026
    Fax 03-9366025
    Mailing address: Kiryat Netafim, D.N. Ephraim, 44815
    e-mail: kiryatnetafim@013net.net 

    Community activists:
    Community rabbi: Rabbi Netanel Oved
    Head of Secretariat: Yisca Heimov
    Assembly member: Yoav Hassan
    Secretary: David Shushan
    Military Security Coordinator: Eldad Mansour
    Community Coordinator: Moshit Gliss
    Absorption Coordinator: Hagit Vickselfish
    Librarian: Idit Ephraim
    Spokesperson: Motti Ovadia
    Youth Coordinator: Yossi Montag
    Community Emergency Team Chairperson: Sharon Oswega
    Mikve attendant: Tzipi Halabi

    About Kiryat Netafim:
    Religious communal settlement.
    Single-family permanent dwellings on site.

    Geographic location:
    Located in the center of Samaria, Road #505, from Barkan interchange (Road #5) north via Barkan to Road #505, 33rd kilometer. Approach to the settlement is via the Trans-Samaria highway.
    Topography: Mountain ridge in a rocky, mountainous area.
    Climate: Temperate & comfortable.

    Kiryat Netafim’s story:
    Kiryat Netafim was established in 1983 during Succot, by a non-profit organization of the Interior Ministry which included tens of families from various parts of the country. The sponsor and founder is Zacharia Dori.

    The consideration for the location of the settlement is that it is another link in the chain of settlements along the Trans-Samaria Highway and the center of Samaria, an easy connection with the Rosh HaAyin and Petach Tikva areas. Northwest of Kiryat Netafim is the Arab village “Karwat-Beni-Chasan”. East of the village lie ancient remains from the time of Herod. East of the Arab village and north of Kiryat Netafim, there is a large region of burial caves, among them a large and beautiful cave called “Dariel-Daar”, considered to be the burial place of Herod’s treasurer. In the region there are also the remains of ancient agriculture, among them tens of ancient preservations of guard towers used by ancients.

    Educational institutions:
    Boarding school 03-9067245
    “Tze’elon” kindergarten 03-9367184
    “Hazit” kindergarten 03-9367498
    “Egoz” kindergarten 050-8911114

    Public institutions:
    Three synagogues, basketball court, library, culture club.

    Absorption of families:
    The community has absorbed, and is still absorbing, additional families across the social spectrum. There is a new community of young couples in the settlement.

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