• Ma’ale Shomron

    225 families

    Tel. 09-7929233
    Fax 09-7929211
    Mailing address: Ma’ale Shomron, D.N. Lev Hashomron 44852
    e-mail: office@maale-shomron.co.il

    Community activists:
    Community rabbi: Rabbi David Levy
    Head of Secretariat: Ronen Meshulam
    Assembly member: Shmulik Shaki
    Secretary: Deganit Pesach
    Military Security Coordinator: Asa Damari
    Community and Social Coordinator: Sara Weinstein
    Absorption Coordinator: Orna Albert
    Librarian: Nitzi Ilan Carniel
    Youth Coordinator: Renana Oron
    Community Emergency Team Chairperson: Sara Weinstein
    Director of settlement website: Nitzi Ilan Carniel
    Mikve attendant: Batia Leshem

    About Ma’ale Shomron:
    Mixed (religious and secular) communal settlement in western Samaria. Settlement movement: Herut Beitar. Established in 1980. Consists of permanent single-family homes in the heart of a pine forest. The community currently numbers approximately 200 families and is planned for 330 families. The neighborhood of Elmatan was founded as an autonomous neighborhood.

    The community can be reached via the Kfar Saba-Kalkiliya-Shechem road, from the Haperot Junction (Roads 444/55) eastward (Road #55). The settlement is situated in a mountainous area with steep southern slopes, at a height of 300 meters above sea level, with a dry, warm and comfortable climate. The settlement is the westernmost of the Karnei Shomron settlement bloc, which constitutes one of the largest settlement areas in western Samaria. The entire coastal plain spreads out from the foot of the mountain, from Zichron Ya’akov and the Hadera smokestacks, via the Azrieli Towers and all the way to Ashdod and its smokestacks.

    Ma’ale Shomron’s story:
    The source of the name “Ma’ale Shomron” is symbolic, recalling the western slopes of the Samarian mountains. The settlement was founded in February 1980 by a nucleus of mixed (religious-secular) families from Gush Dan, for the purpose of establishing a mixed community for religious and secular.

    The town borders the western area of the Karnei Shomron Local Council, and it is located 17 km. from Kalkilya. The location of the community was determined in order to create a continuity of Jewish settlement towards Kfar Saba and to exercise control over State lands in central Samaria.

    Within the settlement’s territory is Hirbat Jemayin, the remnants of a village from biblical times. On site are preserved dwellings and agricultural installations, among them a winery and a public olive press. The ruins are planned to be an archaeological park.

    South of Ma’ale Shomron – the village of Azzun, a large village which served as the home front for the Jordanian army during the IDF’s war of attrition against Kalkilya before the Sinai Campaign (October 1956). Southwards is Nachal Kana and the Nofim region nature reserve.

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