• Mevo Dotan

    110 families

    Tel. 04-6343494
    Fax 04-6343505
    Mailing address: Mevo Dotan, D.N. Northern Samaria 44840
    e-mail: mevodotan@walla.com

    Community activists:
    Community rabbi: Rabbi Eliezer Landman
    Head of Secretariat: Yael Ben Ya’akov
    Assembly member: Yossi Golan
    Secretary: Rami Mansour
    Military Security Coordinator: Moti Emor
    Community Coordinator: Nurit Emor
    Librarian: Yehudit Almog
    Spokesperson: Yael Ben Ya’akov
    Community Emergency Team Chairperson: Leah Shuster
    Mikve attendant: Marina Elmaliach

    About Mevo Dotan:
    Secular-traditional communal settlement. Settlement movement: Amana. Established in 1977. Single family permanent homes on site.

    Geographic description:
    Location – south of the Dotan valley, on Nisa’a Hill, south of Ya’abad village, near the regional highway from the Dotan junction to Baka-el Arbia-Hadera.

    There is a nice lookout point on the settlement of the Dotan valley – the largest valley in Samaria. The town can be reached from Baka-el Arbia – eastward to the Dotan army camp (Road #585). Mevo Dotan is perched high above the Dotan valley, with a comfortable, cool climate.

    Mevo Dotan’s story:
    The source of the town’s name is from the name of the “Dotan” group, among the first of the groups who strove to settle in Samaria. The group planned to establish a Jewish settlement in northern Samaria, close to the Biblical Tel Dotan, with an orientation towards Haifa as well as locating the settlement above the western approaches to the Dotan valley.

    The settlement arose, with the help of the Sanur police force, near the Arab village of Pendakumia in October 1977, then moved to its permanent location in June 1981. The main consideration for its location was: Jewish settlement in northern Samaria in an area with a sparse Jewish population, as well as establishing our control over State lands.

    At the eastern end of the valley lies Tel-Dotan, a city from the Caananite period and from Biblical times. North of the valley is Tel Machper, which lately has received an offer to identify with the biblical “Hefer”.

    About 2 km. west of the community is Hirbat-El-Hamam, which in archaeological digs it was discovered that here was the location of an important city from Biblical times, perhaps “Aruvot”. There is also a well-fortified city from Second Temple times, which fought heavy battles against the Romans during the first rebellion, and remnants in the area of the fortress remind one of Masada – the city of Nirbata.

    Educational institutions:
    Nursery, kindergarten, playground, computer center

    Public buildings:
    Kupat Cholim medical clinic
    Swimming pool

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