• Migdalim

    45 families

    Tel. 02-9941987
    Fax 02-9942568
    Mailing address: Migdalim, D.N. E. Binyamin, 90642
    e-mail: migdalim@012.net.il

    Community activists:
    Head of Secretariat: Avia Nevo
    Assembly member: Uri David
    Secretary: Dudi Lichtenstein
    Military Security Coordinator: Avi Malach
    Community Coordinator: Noa Machfuda
    Librarian: Orna Yaguda
    Spokesperson: Anat Baliash
    Youth Coordinator: Raz Hamami
    Community Emergency Team: Orna Yaguda

    Migdalim’s story:
    The source of the community’s name is symbolic, from its proximity to the neighboring village of Majdal Beni-Fadal, as well as the nature of its lofty mountain location. In 1984 a Nachal outpost was established, and turned into a civilian settlement in 1986 by secular families from Gush Dan who founded a secular communal settlement.

    The main consideration for the settlement’s location – creation of a continuous line of settlements along the Trans-Samaria highway, exercising our control over State lands in an area with a sparse Jewish population and control over the main road junctions.

    The community is situated in the midst of an area full of scorpions, which was once a Jewish area in the last years of the Second Temple. This scorpion zone was part of the Jerusalem area, and Yosef Ben Matityahu saw it as part of Judea.

    West of Migdalim is the Arab village of Jorish, identified with “Jeresh” – the city of Shimon Bar Giora, one of the commanders of the big revolt against the Romans.

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