• Peduel

    230 families

    Tel. 03-9330086
    Fax 03-9328573
    Mailing address: Peduel, D.N. Modi’in, 71940
    e-mail: peduel1@neto.net.il

    Community activists:
    Community rabbi: Rabbi Menashe Issaschar
    Head of Secretariat: Israel Ben Tzvi
    Assembly member: Amit Kadmon
    Secretaries: Avi Zigdon, Nurit
    Military Security Coordinator: Ya’akov Putsch
    Community Coordinator: Nechama Feldman
    Absorption Coordinator: Efrat Immanuel
    Librarian: Noa Hasid
    Spokesperson: Nili Movshovitz
    Youth Coordinators: Hodaya & Ya’akov Asraf
    Community Emergency Team Chairperson: Inbal Tzuriel
    Mikve attendants: Rachel Lerner, Tirza Epstein

    Why Peduel?
    Rich and varied Torah-observant community living.
    Mutual support in a high-quality community for adults and youth.
    Proximity to the country’s center and new roads
    Wonderful educational institutions.
    Variety of construction possibilities.
    Spectacular views.

    The source for the name:
    Symbolic. From the name “Padha’el” from the Bible. An expression of a request that G-d redeem the tender newborn.

    Educational institutions:
    Boarding school
    4 kindergartens
    Talmud Torah (required for 6th grade)
    Pre-military prep school and “Eretz Hatzvi” Hesder Yeshiva

    Community activities:
    Cultural evenings and holiday activities
    Active, vibrant Bnei Akiva branch
    An array of special interest clubs (Judo, art, dance, ballet, exercise, basketball, electronics, chess, etc.)
    A rich and varied library and story hours.

    Minimarket, mikve, Leumit sick fund clinic, Maccabi health services, Tipat Chalav (infant care clinic), basketball court, club, events hall.

    Southward to Road #5.
    25 minutes travel from Morasha Junction, adjacent to Bruchin and Alei Zahav.
    In the heart of the Nachal Shilo nature reserve, on a towering hilltop (409 m.)
    Magnificent views of the shoreline from the west, and of the Samarian mountains from the north and east.

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