• Reihan

    60 families

    Tel. 04-6350257
    Fax 04-6350050
    Mailing address: Reihan, D.N. Menashe, 37870
    e-mail: reihan@017.net.il

    Community activists:
    Head of Secretariat: Avi Daniel
    Assembly member: Benny Ezer
    Secretaries: Moshe Sayag, Tal
    Military Security Coordinator: Amnon Oren
    Absorption Coordinator: Dina Karbon
    Librarian: Dina Karbon

    About Reihan:
    Secular workers moshav in northern Samaria. Founding movement: Organization of Zionist Workers Moshavim. Established in 1979. Permanent single-family dwellings on site.

    Geographic location:
    The settlement’s location is in the Reihan bloc southeast of Um el Fahm in northwest Samaria. Approach to the community from the Wadi Ara highway – via Katzir or Mei Ami and Reihan (14 km. from the main highway) or from the direction of Mevo Dotan on the local road. The settlement is located about 384 meters above sea level, with a nice, mountainous climate, with views of the coastal plain.

    Reihan’s story:
    Large nature reserve in northwestern Samaria. The settlement was founded by a core group of secular families with a background in agriculture, and the source of the settlement’s name comes from its proximity to the Um Reihan forest.

    The location of the settlement was established to constitute a demographic buffer along the “Green Line” in northwest Samaria, between the areas of Wadi Ari and northern Samaria.

    The Nature Reserve north of the settlement was declared as such in the days of the British Mandate, but a large part of it was destroyed by the refugees who entered it after the War of Independence. There are currently a forest and a natural grove on an area of approximately 3000 dunams. In the region of the settlement and the forest are large, square stone buildings that were used as guard towers in ancient times, and in one of them are two decorated gravesites. Next to the Reserve is Hirbat Um Reihan – the remains of a village from the Mishnaic and Talmudic period, serving as the center of a wide agricultural area. Among the ruins are buildings of two floors, olive presses, etc.

    Educational institutions:
    Nursery school

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