• Sha’arey Tikva

    1307 families

    Tel. 03-9079700

    Fax 03-9363150

    Mailing address: Sha’arey Tikva, D.N. Ephraim 44810

    e-mail: info@shaarey-tikva.mumi.il

    Community activists:

    Community rabbi: Rabbi Shmuel Feirstein

    Chairman of the Council: Gideon Idan

    Director-General: Chaimon Blumenfeld

    Secretaries: Esther Ya’acobi, Yifat Malka

    Community Coordinator: Deganit Levy

    Absorption Coordinator: Shlomo Ziman

    Spokesperson: Chaimon Blumenfeld

    Youth Coordinator: Eli Dalal

    About Sha’arey Tikva:

    The community of Sha’arey Tikva was founded 24 years ago and borders the western slopes of the Samarian mountains next to Road #5. The highly developed network of roads allows for exceptional accessibility quickly and safely from the urban areas of Gush Dan, such as the Trans-Israel highway (5 km.), Tel Aviv (14 km.), the Rosh HaAyin railway station (5 km.), the public transportation terminal in the Nachal Raba regions (2 km.)

    The settlement is located 200 meters above sea level, which gives it a comfortable climate and a wide, panoramic view of the coastal plain from Hadera to Ashdod.

    The settlement is a local council within the framework of the Shomron Regional council, that has earned recognition by the Ministry of the Interior as a “large” settlement which manages its own affairs as a closed budgetary basket and almost completely independently.

    The town is a communal settlement village where about 1300 families live – approx. 4500 people. Most of the residents make their living outside of the settlement.

    The symbol of the community signifies its ideology – a rainbow (in Hebrew, “keshet” – an acronym for the Hebrew expression for “the community of Sha’arey Tikva”), noting the broad human mosaic of the varied population who live and conduct themselves in harmony, patience and tolerance, both secular and religious, veteran residents and new immigrants, young and old. A dove and an olive branch – symbol of the yearning for peace and brotherhood.

    The community board operates at all levels to provide high-quality services, in order to give the residents a nice living environment and comprehensive services of all kinds.

    Sha’arey Tikva is a well-maintained and verdant community, with abundant public parks and gardens and beautiful scenery, the product of the investment in and attention given to its care, beauty and cleanliness.

    The settlement’s board gives much importance to a direct connection with the residents, and each inquiry and suggestion receives rapid, practical and personal attention. The community has a high-quality educational system of kindergartens, boarding schools and state elementary schools, which will soon receive a seal of good quality from the Ministry of Education. The community also has a unique playground, a senior citizens’ center, a branch of “Sheel” (Citizens Advice Service), a youth club, youth movement, health services including well-baby clinics, ATM, library, religious services, a rich variety of club and culture activities and more. There are many volunteers in Sha’arey Tikva, in the framework of organizations working in the settlement and even outside of it to provide assistance both on a personal level and in the public realm, a source of pride to us. Originality, initiative and vision accompany the momentum of development of the community.

    Thanks to the data and natural resources, along an approximately 10 km. route enveloping the settlement, a comprehensive tourist center is being developed, with footpaths and bicycle paths, with places to sit and rest in the heart of nature, next to ancient olive trees and 18 nature reserves and exquisite sites integrating historiography, flora and fauna – elk and deer, hyrax, tulip, narcissus, caves and cliffs, water cisterns and other reserves.

    Sha’arey Tikva cares about the environment. Sha’arey Tikva is a good place to live. Sha’arey Tikva does a lot to improve quality of life and environment and invests heavily in education and public relations to increase awareness of quality of environment, starting with kindergartens and continuing in the schools, to every single resident. The community is witness to the reunification of families, parents moving there to live near their children, children to live near their parents. Sha’arey Tikva is buzzing with momentum and activity in many areas.

    In Sha’arey Tikva there is also an impetus of private construction, “Bnei Beitcha” (Build your own home) as well as public construction of an educational center and a new residential neighborhood (Area 9). The community excels in social involvement, with concern for the individual and the collective.

    Sha’arey Tikva’s location, the different types of its residents, its special character, bestowing a high quality of life especially for the resident, along with responsible and professional management of finances which expresses itself in financial stability, have turned it into one of the highest quality communities in the country.

    We, the leaders of the community, its proud employees and residents who are happy to be deserving of the “Beautiful Land of Israel” award of 5 stars, feel it our pleasant duty to thank the residents for their contributions towards advancing the community, and look forward to the continuation of further development of our quality of life for the benefit of the residents.

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