• Shaked

    183 families

    Tel. 04-6350294
    Fax 04-6350083
    Mailing address: Shaked, D.N. Menashe 3786200
    e-mail: office.shaked@gmail.com

    Community activists:
    Community rabbi: Rabbi Reuven Uziel
    Assembly member: Ariel Moshe
    Secretaries: Nitzan Dagan, Ahuva Nagar
    Military Security Coordinator: David Levy
    Community Coordinator: Bat-Chen Levy
    Spokesperson: Amnon Bar Orin
    Community Emergency Team Chairperson: Oz Damari

    About Shaked:
    Secular communal settlement. Founded by the Beitar Freedom Families movement in 1981. The purpose was to create a bloc of settlements in northern Samaria that would serve as a demographic buffer zone in this area, between the Wadi Ara area and northwestern Samaria.

    The community currently numbers183 families and is planned for 400 families. Housing consists of single-family permanent homes.

    Geographic location:
    The settlement is located on a flat hilltop with a view of the Reihan forest nature reserve – in northern Samaria in the Reihan bloc, very close to Hinanit.

    Shaked has a temperate and comfortable mountain climate. It is situated on a long, flat mountain extension with a temperate, comfortable mountain climate.

    The name of the community is symbolic, after the almond trees growing in the region.

    Educational institutions:
    Boarding school
    2 kindergartens
    “Omer” elementary school

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