• Tal Menashe

    81 families

    Tel. 04-6350298 
    Fax 04-6350117
    Mailing address: Tal Menashe, D.N. Menashe, 37867
    e-mail: talmenas@bezeqint.net

    Community activists:
    Community rabbi: Rabbi Reuven Uziel
    Head of Secretariat: Yossi Braun
    Assembly member: Elazar Roth
    Secretaries: Eyal Goshen, Orna Barak
    Military Security Coordinator: Eran Safra
    Community Coordinator: Anat Rosenberg
    Absorption Coordinator: Pia Tzovel
    Librarian: Anat Rosenberg
    Spokesperson: Moshe Reish
    Youth Coordinator: Yafit Peled
    Community Emergency Team Chairperson: Idit Goodman
    Mikve attendants: Etti Glassberg, Tehilla Gol

    About Tal Menashe:
    The community of Tal Menashe is a young community that aspires to a full life in the spirit of the Torah and mitzvot. Members of the settlement emphasize Torah education and contribution to the challenges of the nation in the areas of society, settlement and Judaism. The settlement is located in northern Samaria, in the Reihan block near the Trans-Israel highway. Members of the community are involved in every field of endeavor, among them technicians, clerks, students, educators, social workers, career soldiers and high-technicians working in Afula, Hadera, Yokne’am, Haifa and other places.

    To educate for a better environment: The educational system has been made top priority. The children benefit both from school hours and after-school enrichment programs, both formal and informal.

    Educational institutions:
    Boarding school
    Two kindergartens
    “Talelei Orot” elementary school

    Added value:
    Members of the settlement see their involvement in society as a national goal, and volunteer for this important task. In the religious area, the community is a spiritual center for surrounding settlements. The members of the community give classes in the surrounding settlements, serve as Bar-Mitzva teachers, etc. Communities in need of these services also receive emotional support and reinforcement, which are expressed via visits, joint parties, and assistance in a variety of areas.

    To live in a good society: The community numbers about 50 families in the settlement, which plans to grow to 400 housing units. Community life sparkles, including classes, clubs, events and community parties.

    Employment: The members of Tal Menashe are involved in all fields of endeavor. The settlement residents work in the area between Haifa and Tel Aviv, to the west, and Afula and Migdal HaEmek in the east.

    Within the settlement, the main field of employment is education. There are also a number of professionals working from home in fields such as programming, publishing, Torah scroll writing and art. The settlement is near the Shachak industrial park, where there are factories.

    Hadera, Afula and Pardes Hanna are a half-hour’s trip from there, offering work in education, industry and service to the State. High-tech centers close to the settlement: Yokne’am, Migdal HaEmek, Nesher, Netanya, Haifa and Tirat HaCarmel. The settlement also has students studying for various degrees, in the Technion and the Sha’anan Seminar.

    In the majority of cases, there are no traffic jams during the trip. Those employed in Tel Aviv enjoy the services of the Israeli railways, traveling to Tel Aviv via Binyamina or Hadera. The Trans-Israel highway increases accessibility to the settlement.

    For “dessert”: Examples (of places of employment): Kfar Pines Ulpana, Amdox, Bezek, Gemara Brura, the National Insurance Institute, the Technion, the Yehuda Afula Yeshiva, IBM, the Samaria Regional Council, the Katzir Local Council, the Ministry of Education, the IDF, Refa’el (weapons development).

    Absorption of families:
    Tal Menashe opens its gates to absorption of families. Families interested in settlement in Tal Menashe are invited to contact Eyal Goshen: 04-6350298. There is an elected, operating absorption committee in the settlement, consisting of 3 members of the community, as well as an employee who assists in publicity and marketing. The absorption procedure includes: A visit to the settlement, Shabbat in the settlement, during which the potential member family is hosted by various families, and an interview by the absorption committee.

    After decisions by the family and the committee, the committee continues to accompany the admitted family during the process of renting a home and integrating into the community, as well as buying a home, until they are accepted as members of the community. You are invited to call, visit and of course, you can talk about us after your visit.

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