• Kfar Tapuach

    175 families

    Tel. 03-9366450
    Fax 03-9364570
    Mailing address: Kfar Tapuach, D.N. Ephraim 44829
    e-mail: tapuach@barak.net.il

    Community activists:
    Community rabbi: Rabbi Shimon Rosensweig
    Head of Secretariat: Doron Halal
    Assembly member: Nissim Samach
    Secretary: Noam Begun
    Military Security Coordinator: Moshe Herzlich
    Community Coordinator: Sara Friedman
    Absorption Coordinator: Yael Greenwald
    Librarian: Rachel Orquiza
    Spokesperson: Moshe Meirsdorf
    Community Emergency Team Chairperson: Zahava Kaniel
    Mikve attendant: Liat Yael Ben Shalom

    Chilren celebrating Lag B'Omer in Kfar Tapuach

    Chilren celebrating Lag B’Omer in Kfar Tapuach

    How we came into being:
    The religious communal settlement of Tapuach was founded by the settlement movement “HaPoel HaMizrachi” on 15 Av 5738, on a base of the Nachal movement “Argov”, which had the site for half a year. The founding nucleus of the settlement was from the second generation of Moshav Barkat, and was composed of Yemenites (Chabanim). For a fairly long time, 9 families and two singles held out, coping with bad roads, supply problems, housing in tents and bad weather.

    Over the years, a wide variety of various ethnicities arrived on the settlement to be absorbed for different lengths of time and at different times. Over the last 6 years, as a result of “Project Students” that supplied dormitories for students of Ariel College in preferred conditions, and the decision of the second generation of Tapuach to stay in the settlement after getting married, the town doubled in size.

    Tens of young couples have been absorbed into the settlement, a fact that has only increased the variety of ways to perform G-d’s work in the town, the fabric of life and the character of the community’s lifestyle.

    Currently, in addition to what was noted above, co-existing in the community are also graduates of the pre-military academies, a Hesder yeshiva and yeshivot of higher education, and almost 200 families live in the community; our hand is still reaching out, with the help of G-d.

    Where we are:
    The community is located on the “Highway of the Patriarchs”, on which Abraham, Isaac and Jacob traveled when they entered the land. The name “Tapuach” was given to the town after the name of the Biblical city Tapuach, in the territory of Ephraim.

    The settlement is located above one of the main junctions, “Tapuach Junction” and serves as a transit point to all parts of the country: Descending to the Jordan Valley road, link to the mountain ridge communities, and at the end of Road #5 leading to the center of the country. The settlements neighboring the town are: To the south – Rechalim and Nofei Nechemia to the west – 5 minutes from Ariel; to the east, Migdalim, and to the north – the closest settlement is Yitzhar.

    More about our location: 15 minutes from the Jordan Valley, 25 minutes from Road 6, 30 minutes from Petach Tikva and 45 minutes from Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

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