• Yitzhar

    210 families

    Tel. 02-9975444
    Fax 02-9975735
    Mailing address: Yitzhar, D.N. Lev HaShomron, 44831
    e-mail: ytzhar@gmail.com

    Community activists:
    Community rabbi: Rabbi David Dudkovitz
    Head of Secretariat: Shmuel Shapira
    Secretary: Yehuda Hendler
    Military Security Coordinator: Moshe Shimon
    Community Coordinator: Yehudit Mizrachi
    Absorption Coordinator: Rachel Picard
    Spokesperson: Yigal Amitay
    Librarian: Naomi Malachi
    Youth Coordinators: Arye Bramson, Hila Shamua
    Community Emergency Team Chairperson: Rivka Bernstein
    Mikve attendants: Shifra Reinus, Batia Stern

    About Yitzhar:
    Communal religious settlement. Founding movement: Amana. The community currently numbers about 200 families and is planned for 1000 families. Types of housing: Single-family permanent homes. Built on the highway that goes from the Tapuach junction (Road #60), via the Gilad highway junction (Road #57/60) to western Yitzhar.

    Geographical description:
    Yitzhar is located on the mountain ridge in eastern Samaria. The settlement’s location is on the high “Salman el Parsi” range, south of Har Bracha. Approach to the community is from Tapuach junction (Road #60) via the Gilad road junction – Road #57/60 to western Yitzhar. Arrival is also possible from Kedumim, via the Gilad road, the southern Shechem bypass road. Yitzhar is situated on a high, very steep mountain ridge, 810 meters above sea level, isolated from all of the surrounding areas.

    Yitzhar’s story:
    The source of the community’s name, Yitzhar, is the olive oil produced in the region in the olive groves that are characteristic of Samaria.

    Nachal settlements were built on the site in 1983, and these were turned into civilian settlements within a year. The main consideration in establishing the settlement at this location was the continuity of Jewish communities in the Shechem area on State lands, in places with strategic significance.

    There is good potential there to build a space observatory. The “Salman el Parsi” tomb, at the top of the settlement, is located in the heart of a small nature reserve of oak trees, where there is an observation point, one of the most beautiful in the country.

    About 800 meters north of the community, on the mountain slope, is the “Pit of Birds” – a deep hole where thousands of ravens and rock doves nest.

    Educational institutions:
    Boarding school
    “Tidhar” kindergarten, “Taltan” kindergarten, “Yitzhar” kindergarten, “Chabad” kindergarten
    Ben Porat Yosef Talmud Torah
    “Dorshei Yechudcha” Yeshiva
    “Od Yosef Chai” Yeshiva

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